Here at Spot Pros, we are here to make sure that your family has the cleanest home possible. It is essential to your families health to have a clean environment for your daily living. We want you breathing clean air and snuggling on clean furniture. We want your pets sleeping on cleaning carpets and your children crawling on clean floors. We offer Carpet Cleaning, upholstery cleaning including mattresses, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, wood floor cleaning and air duct cleaning services. We offer Scotchgard on carpet, upholstery and mattresses. We are here for all of your in-home deep cleaning needs. View our Hassle Free Prices page to guarantee no surprises in the home. We pride ourselves in doing good, honest work. And, remember, we offer discounts when you bundle services! Below are some of our most recent on-the-job photos.


Spot Pros Carpet Cleaning